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Virtual 10K

Gloucester Quays Rotary - Virtual 10K Run!

Every year, our club participates in organising and running the Gloucester 10k run, a running event open to allcomers, loved by many. The event is one that contributes significantly to local charities every year. This year had to be different as getting a large group of people together to run was out of the question, or was it? Never to be defeated, we reorganised the event as a virtual event. Over a weekend, Gloucester saw runners and walkers here, there and everywhere, spread out in time and space but obvious as they sported their self-printed running numbers, completing the event, each in their own way. As well as the usual accolades for the fastest time, this year awards were won for the craziest outfit, the best landscape and the most inspiring video to name just a few. There were also medals available for everyone that completed the challenge. Thanks to the generous contributions from over 460 competitors and a dozen sponsors, not only was a whole load of fun had, but a whole load of funds were raised, £10k in fact (how fitting) for the local Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court Hospice.

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Wednesday, 18 May 2022