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Rotary in Gloucester Community Awards 2020


Rotary in Gloucester Community Awards are organised by the four Rotary Clubs in the city – Rotary Club of Gloucester, [email protected], Gloucester Severn, and Gloucester Quays.

The aim of the Community Awards programme is to support organisations within the city area with a small grant which 'will make a real difference'.This is a small grants programme with awards of up to a maximum of £500.

2020 will be the sixth year of this small grants programme. In the first five years 104 local organisations have received a grant and the total awarded is £45,547. The Rotary Clubs have been greatly encouraged by the way small injections of cash have made a real and lasting difference to the running of community organisations in the city.

What is "Rotary in Gloucester"?

In Gloucester there are four Rotary Clubs which are members of the worldwide network of over 1.2 million Rotarians, in over 35,000 clubs operating in 200 countries and territories throughout the world. In the UK there are 1,740 Clubs.

Rotary consists of inspired men and women who translate their passions into relevant social causes, to improve lives in communities. The four Rotary Clubs in Gloucester are working together to provide small grants for local community projects.

Rotary's mission is simply to serve others; to give something back; to advance world understanding, goodwill and peace by utilising the skills, talents and energy of our members collectively.

We aim to bring about positive change in our neighbourhoods by fostering and building strong communities

We aim to provide opportunities that will improve lives

We aim to help eradicate poverty, hunger and preventable disease across the world

Community Award Application Criteria

The maximum award to any one organisation is £500 and no application will be considered to be too small.

Priority will be given to specific projects promoted by small groups / organisations which:

Have an impact that improves or expands a current activity

Replaces or enhances current equipment

Offer value for money by involving a good number of beneficiaries

Work with vulnerable or disadvantaged children or adults

Work in a deprived Gloucester community.

Payment of salaries and fees. The aim of the programme is to encourage and support small organisations and especially volunteers whose activities will make a real and lasting benefit to people in the community. Applications where the grant would include the payment of salaries or fees to people employed by the organisation will not be considered.

Reserves/Turnover. Organisations who have general reserves at year end which are in excess of 6 months expenditure or have significant turnover will not normally be considered.


The funding is open to registered charities, voluntary organisations and community groups whose work benefits local residents or communities in the City. The organisation does not necessarily have to be office based in the City.

Newly formed community organisations are encouraged to apply and explain the way a small grant would be used to benefit people in the community and also offer value for money. If advice is needed, please use the contact information set out in the next paragraph.

Community Award Application Process

File Name: ROTARY-in-GLOUCESTER---Community-Awards-2020-Scheme-and-Application-Form
File Size: 172 kb
Download File

​The full application process can be found in the downloadable attached here. This document will serve as your application form should you wish to apply and meet the criteria for application.

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